Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Hyallu-Cica Water Fit Sun Serum

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Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Hyallu-Cica Water Fit Sun Serum in Pakistan

Sun protection often gets a bad rap – thick, greasy formulas that leave you feeling like a ghost. But what if your sunscreen could offer serious sun defense while pampering your skin with soothing hydration? ✨ Enter Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella Hyallu-Cica Water Fit Sun Serum, your gateway to sun-kissed, healthy skin without compromise.

This innovative serum blends cutting-edge sun protection with the calming power of nature’s finest: Centella Asiatica Extract. This botanical superhero, revered for centuries in skincare, works wonders to:

  • Soothe and calm: Say goodbye to redness and irritation caused by the sun or environmental stressors. Centella Asiatica’s anti-inflammatory properties gently cool and comfort your skin.
  • Boost skin barrier: This mighty extract helps strengthen your skin’s natural defenses, leaving it better equipped to handle sun exposure and daily challenges.
  • Promote healing: Whether sun-induced or from minor irritations, Centella Asiatica promotes a healthy healing process for radiant, resilient skin.

What makes centella Hyallu-Cica Sun serum unique

  • Non-comedogenic: No need to worry about clogged pores! This formula is gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive ones.
  • Lightweight and breathable: Unlike traditional sunscreens, this serum feels like a luxurious water fit, leaving no greasy residue behind.
  • SPF 50+ PA++++: This broad-spectrum shield protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, preventing premature aging, sunburns, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Reef-friendly and fragrance-free: This formula respects both your skin and the environment.

How to use

Using Skin1004’s Centella Water Fit Sun Serum is simple:

  1. 30 minutes before sun exposure, generously apply the serum to your face, neck, ears, and any other exposed areas.
  2. Remember, your lips need protection too! Don’t forget them.
  3. Reapply every 2 hours, especially after swimming or sweating, for optimal protection.

Embrace the sunshine without compromise: Experience the calming magic of Centella Asiatica while shielding your skin with powerful SPF 50+ protection. Let Skin1004’s Centella Water Fit Sun Serum be your gateway to healthy, radiant skin that glows beautifully, no matter the weather.

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15ml ( travel size), 50ml

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Hyallu-Cica Water Fit Sun Serum

  1. Zoya Naqvi

    It is one of the best sunscreen I ever used and it blends really easily. Product was original

  2. Iqra Arib

    100% original. It was my second purchase 100% original. loved it

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